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Keep yourself updated with park news, photos and articles.  If you have a caravanning idea, funny story or you've found an interesting article you think would be of benfit to other caravanners, just let us know and we'll pass it on.

What a greeting from Mother Nature this morning, beautiful sunshine with mist in the bottom of the Vale. Lebberston, what a fantastic place to be!

Spectacular waves at the Spa this afternoon. Mad car drivers leaving their chariots in the rust zone!

It was cloudy, then it wasn't.  Were we going see it or not?  9.30am yippee!!! The cloud broke just enough for us to get a glimpse, fantastic.

Guess who's playing the Open Air Theatre?

Only the stupendous TOM JONES!!!!!! Tickets are on sale now, just click here for details.

Caravan history...

Thanks to Salop Caravans for sharing their History of Caravan Models with us.  It goes to show how a good practical design stands the test of time.  We're looking forward to seeing our first Mehrzeller concept caravan.  That'll raise a few eyebrows.

Click here for the link.

The tarmac is laid, the water and electric hook ups are fully functional, the drains flow the right way and it's looking great.

The new loo block is a bit behind schedule but we're pushing hard and it should be fully functional by Easter. We're hoping to get the Elsan point finished by Sunday and the unisex shower room open for at least a sit down by the end of next week.

Of course the other two amenity blocks are fully functional as usual with with plenty of hot water, it'll just be a little bit further to travel for a few weeks but hopefully you'll think it's worth the wait.

Look forward to seeing you all soon.