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Keep yourself updated with park news, photos and articles.  If you have a caravanning idea, funny story or you've found an interesting article you think would be of benfit to other caravanners, just let us know and we'll pass it on.

What a great night in Seamer with Hedge-Hoggers Cider on Saturday.  We wassailed around the new orchard, learnt about birds of prey, had henna tatoos, rode the bucking bronco (supremely difficult when you're laughing so much), ate pulled pork then strawberrys and chocolate skewers and above all partook of a little of Hedge-Hoggers finest.  So many flavours, so little time!  Elderberry, elderflower, blackcurrent, original, ginger, strawberry, choosing the best would be like trying to choose your favourite child!  The celidh was great fun and awesome band The Shamrockers finished the night off a treat. Can't wait for the next press of apples and getting wassailing again.  Thanks to all the cider makers and organising elves for being so brilliant and having such a great idea to share with the rest of us.

Big congratulations to Michael and Anne on their big day.  Lovely to have you staying with us for your mini-moon and we all wish you a long and happy life together.

We went down to South Bay this afternoon to watch the P1 Powerboat Championships.  Wow, they were fast (and bigger than we imagined too)!  There were also some mad freestyle jetskiers there too.  Just after we took this video he did thirty five somersaults, his world record is thirty six.  Phenomenal!

Look at the passerby we had today.  On our sleepy little 'one train an hour' Filey to Scarborough line, the East Yorkshireman shot past this afternoon.  What with that and a Vulcan Bomber over Scarborough this week (we weren't fast enough with the camera for that one!) it's been an exciting week! 

Popped into Filey this morning for a bit of shopping and had a ride onto the Country Park.  Thought you'd like to see what you're mssing!

This weekend Scarborough hosts the prestidgeous P1 Powerboat and Jetski Championships.  As well as the exciting races themselves there are a host of family attractions and entertainment on West Pier which adds up to a great couple of days.