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Keep yourself updated with park news, photos and articles.  If you have a caravanning idea, funny story or you've found an interesting article you think would be of benfit to other caravanners, just let us know and we'll pass it on.

We're all closed and shut up for winter but will someone please tell the grass to stop growing!  It wasn't shooting up this fast in May!

Cheerio to Mick and Lorraine

It's the end of the season and it'll be great to have a bit of a break (and our first lie in since February!). As you'll know, Mick and Lorraine are retiring after nine years with and we know you'll miss them as much as we will, but no doubt we'll see them in and around Filey as they settle into a more chilled out life. We wish them well as they embark on a more relaxed life away from grass cutting and loo cleaning!

It's only a week until the park closes so if you haven't already done so we've found a nice little article about how to winterise your caravan. Then all you have to do is winterise yourselves with a thick jumper, fluffy coat and a lovely brew. Just click here for the link.

A Quick Trim

The autumn hedge hacking is well underway. We've finished around the loo blocks and done a bit on the park and down the drive, but there are some thick chunks of wood to get through on this part so we go for the more extreme chain saw approach! Why not make the most of another lovely dry weekend that's been forecast and come and have a look at our handywork?

We've just had the result of our David Bellamy Conservation Award inspection and are delighted to say that we have achieved a GOLD for the twelfth year on the trot.  We know how much you enjoy watching the wildlife around the park from the barn owls and ducks to hedgehogs and hares.  At the moment we are enjoying many a flypast of Canada geese in the morning and evening which is impressive and honkily noisy!